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The brake system

The brake system is one of the most important systems of the car. Safety of the driver depends on a condition of brake system, passengers and all participants of the traffic who have appeared nearby. There is a set of sad examples to what gives negligence in questions of service of brake system. Eventually, the comfort and convenience of management too depend on braking system. The driver should be confident for 100 % in serviceability of brakes […]

Coupling basket

Coupling serves for transmission and engine separation during gear shifting or when braking, and also for smooth connection of the engine and transmission at a troganiye from a place. Besides, coupling protects transmission details from excessive dynamic blows and strong loadings. The principle of action of coupling is simple and is based on torque transfer from a leading part of coupling and a flywheel to a conducted disk, and from it – on primary shaft of […]


The injector is an innovative system of injection of fuel in the combustion chamber. The injector is a new stage of development of fuel systems. The main difference of an injector from carburetor systems is that the fuel mix is injected into combustion chambers under pressure in three-five atmospheres. Pressure in system creates the electric pump, and its size is constantly supervised by the pressure sensor. The amount of fuel submitted to cylinders and air is regulated […]

Automobile spare parts

It is difficult to imagine modern life without transport. And it no wonder, after all transport is a movement, and movement is life. Today, transport became one of the main guarantors of implementation of obligations and observance of terms. The most widespread means of transport and the most convenient vehicle is the car. For someone the car is only a sign of the high social status, for someone – the vehicle or transportations is simple […]