The injector is an innovative system of injection of fuel in the combustion chamber. The injector is a new stage of development of fuel systems. The main difference of an injector from carburetor systems is that the fuel mix is injected into combustion chambers under pressure in three-five atmospheres. Pressure in system creates the electric pump, and its size is constantly supervised by the pressure sensor. The amount of fuel submitted to cylinders and air is regulated by the processor which defines optimum time of opening of nozzles and impulse giving on spark plugs. Calculations consider a set of factors: engine and environment temperature, the content of oxygen in exhaust gases, the provision of a pedal of gas, depression in system of production of exhaust gases and the current speed of the car. As a whole, injector systems are more economic and stable, and exhaust gases of injector cars contain much less WITH in an exhaust. Besides, the electronic system independently regulates single turns of the engine that does car warming up faster and convenient.
Weak the place of injector power supply systems is an abundance of electronics and high sensitivity to quality of used fuel. The injector should be supported in working condition preventive measures – periodically to diagnose a condition of nozzles and sensors, after all in case of sudden failure, by own efforts it is impossible to eliminate malfunction. The most widespread malfunctions are a contamination of system, generally in the field of forsunochny needles and failure of the managing director of system. At a contamination of nozzles apply cleaning by chemicals or removal of resinous deposits by ultrasonic waves. Replacement of nozzles as the repair method, is applied extremely seldom – only in very started cases. At failure of processor system or any sensor the main method of repair, on the contrary, is replacement of a faulty element. Also catalyst and adsorber failure often takes place. It is necessary to mean that repair of an injector is made only in the conditions of specialized car-care centers. Quite often there is a need to check operability of executive systems of injector cars – nozzles. In these cases of a nozzle are dismantled and checked at special stands.

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