Coupling basket

Coupling serves for transmission and engine separation during gear shifting or when braking, and also for smooth connection of the engine and transmission at a troganiye from a place. Besides, coupling protects transmission details from excessive dynamic blows and strong loadings. The principle of action of coupling is simple and is based on torque transfer from a leading part of coupling and a flywheel to a conducted disk, and from it – on primary shaft of a box of gear shifting. This usual (working) provision of a basket of coupling – at the expense of elasticity of press plates (petals of a basket of coupling) the conducted disk of coupling is clamped between a press disk of a basket and a flywheel. By pressing the coupling pedal, a conducted disk it is wrung out from press and transfer of a torque stops. The main detail of coupling is a basket. High-quality work of all system depends on serviceability of a basket of coupling. Malfunctions of a basket of coupling happens only a little:

  1. Wear of a press disk;
  2. Breakage of petals (press plates);
  3. Wear and raised люфт fixing details and rivets.

The main way of repair of coupling is replacement of a faulty element. It should be notedIt should be noted that it is recommended to change a coupling basket assembled with a conducted disk of coupling and the vyzhimny bearing. Why? Yes at least because all details of coupling are exposed to identical loadings and, as a result – are subject to uniform wear. Therefore having replaced only a coupling basket, after a while inevitably it is necessary to change a conducted disk, then vyzhimny the bearing, and after all any operation on coupling repair, except for adjusting works, means itself removal of a box of gear shifting. Thus, it is much more expedient to make complex replacement of all knot. Term of no-failure operation of coupling in many respects depends on style of driving, and also from correctly made adjustments. Besides, it is necessary to avoid use of baskets of the coupling made in handicraft conditions by unknown producers. It is necessary to get spare parts only the checked and authoritative companies. Today in the best way proved baskets of coupling of such producers as: SACHS, LuK, MecArm, VIS (Vazinterservice) and Kraft.


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