The brake system

The brake system is one of the most important systems of the car. Safety of the driver depends on a condition of brake system, passengers and all participants of the traffic who have appeared nearby. There is a set of sad examples to what gives negligence in questions of service of brake system. Eventually, the comfort and convenience of management too depend on braking system. The driver should be confident for 100 % in serviceability of brakes of the car.
As well as all other systems of the car, brake system needs periodic procedural repair which includes diagnostics of elements of system and their replacement in case of need. The principle of action of brake system is simple: the brake drum or a disk on which the wheel is fixed, is exposed to influence of brake shoes which as a result of a friction slow down speed of rotation of a disk, wheels, and, actually, the car. Thus, the main expendables in brake system are brake disks (drums) and brake shoes. And if disks and drums fail very seldom, blocks will lie down to periodic replacement.
Now the most qualitative blocks make on modern technology, I use frictional slips without asbestos application. Similar blocks slightly more softly than traditional blocks with asbestos, however, they are ecologically safe, cause much smaller wear of a brake disk or a drum, work without scratches and possess much higher factor of a friction. At similar blocks only one shortcoming – frictional slips are made of softer  material therefore wear out slightly quicker. It should be notedIt should be noted that more frequent replacement of blocks – absolutely low price for traffic safety, fast reaction of brake system and a small brake way.

By the way, forward blocks wear out approximately in 3 times quicker, than back. At replacement of blocks it is necessary to change them on both wheels is will provide uniform brake effort on both wheels and will prevent drift or юз. From known brands it is possible to recommend brake shoes of the following firms:

  1. To fans of aggressive style of driving – AP RACING, FERODO, ATT, KASHIYAMA, NISSINBO;
  2. For quiet driving – LUCAS, REMSA, NISSIN, BEST, SK (Germany).

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